The Sister & Sister Vintage Revival Blog is the joint venture of two sisters who have a love for nostalgia, creativity, repurposing and adventure.
Colleen and Kathy are no strangers to the sound of a power saw, the smell of sawdust or the sound of a hammer pounding. They grew up surrounded by these memories as their father was woodworking. Their mom is very creative sewing, flower arranging, upholstering and refinishing. Growing up in the O’Sullivan household provided many creative influences.
Through the years, Kathy has developed her woodworking skills through practice, experimentation and night classes at New England School of Woodworking. She is a detail oriented finish carpenter and has an eye for resurrecting ruined furniture and giving it a new purpose. Colleen has always enjoyed various crafts, genealogy, books, jewelry and shopping for that perfect accessory. She has always been interested in preserving memories and slices of history.
Both Kathy and Colleen have enjoyed attending the yearly Brimfield Antique Fair. While Kathy enjoys eyeing old hardware and architectural salvage, Colleen can usually be found looking through ephemera, vintage linens and furniture. The Fair has been a place to explore, meet interesting people and spark creative ideas for both women.
Colleen and Kathy are disappointed by the outrageous price of mass produced furniture that is constructed from poor quality materials. They decided to focus their creativity on refinishing, repurposing and reviving vintage items. In this day and age of throwing away used and buying new, there is a need to preserve resources depleted by this mentality. Why go to a large furniture chain to buy a dresser made from pressboard or laminate when you can purchase a refinished maple dresser with dovetailed drawers for a fraction of the price?
By bringing new life to vintage, the O’Sullivan sisters hope to offer quality vintage items, furniture and that item you didn’t know you really needed but makes you happy.


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